iN DEPTH avec TAYA MARQUIS / by Kim Goodman

Singing, "Reunited & it feeeeeeels so goooooood"!

BOURGIE had the pleasure of reconnecting with Singer/Song Writer, TAYA MARQUIS, & professional Fashion & Beauty Photographer STEPHEN M LOBAN at the majestic Scarborough Bluffs.

Here's a sneak peek of what's to come, PLUS we peeled back the layers with a mini Q & A.

QUESTION:  When you close your eyes & DREAM, what do you envision?

TAYA:  "When I close my eyes & dream, I dream of being a successful Artist & Songwriter, that can use my voice to spread positivity & help make the world a better place.

I see myself with a family of my own one day, a supportive family that has my back, & believes in me as much as I believe in myself.

My manager & business partner, by my side with our business flourishing, & growing into a successful company, & doing great things in the world.  I pray that my dreams come true."

QUESTION:  As an ARTIST, what is the DEEPEST situation you've had to overcome?

TAYA:  "Oh there’s tons girl, I can literally write you a book LOL!

One of the 1st ones I can think of, was back when I was living in California; I was living out my dreams, writing music in sunny LA, but things didn’t turn out the way I imagined.

Everyone has those moments where everything seems perfect - sunshine, roses, & dreams coming true.  I had just finished writing “A La Discotheque” with Ke$ha, & things were looking good.  I really felt like I was right at the brink of my big break, but things went south from there.  I had to move back to Toronto, & had to start from scratch; which looking back at it now, was such a blessing, & I thank God for it.  I’ve been able to gain so many relationships with very talented music collaborators, dancers, instrumentalists, & most importantly, find the confidence I needed in order to go after what I want on my own terms."

QUESTION:  If I could walk a mile in your shoes, what kind of journey would I have?

TAYA:  "Firstly you're gonna have to wear some comfy shoes.  There are lots of mountains to climb, BUT a lot of rewards that come with them!

I'm an independent Artist, & I have my own label along with my Manager, we literally DIY everything, maintaining the same high quality you see from a label.  I'm not gonna lie, it's sometimes a pain in the ass & can be very challenging, but it's super SUPER rewarding.

At the end of the day, I get to have full control of my path, my music, & I get to be part of the process, it only makes this journey of going after my dreams more fulfilling, every reward comes with hard work, & determination."

Thanks Taya for being so open & transparent!  Continued success as you venture on your journey!